• What is a blockchain?

    Definition and explanation Blockchains make it possible to store and exchange value on the internet without a centralized intermediary ( Blockchain France definition ). They are the technological engine of cryptocurrencies, the Decentralized Web and its corollary, decentralized finance. A blockchain is a database that contains the history of all exchanges between its users since its creation. This database is […]

  • WattUp: A Wireless Charger that Operates at a Distance of 4 Meters

    For a long time, engineers have been working on creating a special type of charger with which people can get rid of extra wires while charging their gadgets, and also not be “tied” to sockets. A modern person uses various gadgets and electronic devices every day, so in any case, you have to constantly recharge them […]

  • Safety Measures for Real Estate wordpress Theme

    Security plugins Creaig and managing a real estate website using the WordPress platform is the easiest thing to do. This software requires step-by-step installation process just like any other on the Internet. WordPress installation has to be protected from the hackers. Installation process involves simple and complex thinking. Issues regarding safe website hosting and password choice are simple. Complex installation issues include […]

  • Four Main Reasons to Use WordPress for Your RealEstate Business

    Real estate business owners do not have to spend a lot of money to own a website. Paying a web designer is definitely expensive. All a person requires is a basic professional looking inexpensive site, which is simple to maintain.  WordPress offers you this benefit. Nowadays WordPress is an incredibly popular Web publishing platform. It is user friendly therefore WordPress is very […]


    HOSTING DEFINITION Short and concise, the hosting definition is as follows: connecting a piece of space to the internet, on which website files are placed. However, hosting comes in all shapes and sizes, hence an article with more explanation about hosting. How does hosting work? Explanation & meaning Hosting a website can be done on a regular […]

  • What is Dns

    THE BRIDGE BETWEEN YOUR DOMAIN NAME AND YOUR WEBSITE DNS is the abbreviation for Domain Name System. It is the summary name for the system and network protocol whose purpose is to translate domain names into an IP address and vice versa. Every time a website such as Neterion.com is surfed, this is translated into the IP address of […]


    K Why are Google and Facebook always available? Google and Facebook are two examples of companies that power the biggest websites right now. Every day they each reach hundreds of millions of visitors and generate billions of page views. This entails a gigantic amount of data traffic and calculation work. Yet Google manages to answer a search query […]

  • Publish website with iWeb

    Publish website with iWeb  >> Tutorials >> Publish website with iWeb iWeb in a nutshell iWeb is a complete software program from Apple that allows you to design beautiful websites. With a wide range of attractive templates and widgets such as photo galleries and website counters, iWeb allows you to fine-tune your website. Since we are frequently asked how to sync […]

  • Godaddy hosting review

    Review: Godaddy GoDaddy.com is the leader of hosting provider worldwide, with one of the most famous names in hosting today. Servicing over 57 million domain names, 12 million customers and 6 million hosted websites. GoDaddy is many times larger than even their closest competitor. Those of you who are new to the hosting world are still […]

  • Hostgator review

    Review: Hostgator Host Gator has been known as a top webhosting provider since 2002, and their reputation for reliability remains with them today. Recently proclaimed the 21st fastest growing web hosting company in the country, Host Gator is about making web hosting easy, approachable and affordable. More than eight million domains call HostGator their home, […]

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