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Review: Hostmonster


HostMonster is one of the most veteran players in the hosting industry. It was founded in 1996, HostMonster certainly has the experience needed to supply an excellent hosting plan at a great price. Today, HostMonster provides a single hosting solution that offer enough flexibility for small, personal websites to mid-size business websites. However, what sets this host apart from most others are their low prices and award-winning customer service. Thus, read on to learn why HostMonster is one of our top-rated web hosts.


HostMonster’s prices are quite competitive considering their hosting plan starts at only $4.95/month. A long list of free and unlimited features are included in this basic plan , so you can feel comfortable choosing a plan that can grow with you. With Free 1-click script installation, $100 free in Google ad credits, and more, you’ll find you get more that what you bargained for with host monster. Especially, they are appreciated for their “Anytime Money-Back Guarantee”, something you won’t find with most other providers. HostMonster promise that, if you’re unsatisfied, you can terminate your service and receive your money-back at any time, That’s what we call service!


HostMonster upholds the standard industry 99.9% uptime guarantee and backs it up with customized Apache server, and Quad Opteron servers. All have redundant power backups to ensure that they are are up, running and reliable 24/7. At last, the HostMonster performs automatic backups in all of their US DataCetners to ensure that your website files are safe and secure.


Like most first-class webhosts, HostMonster supplies customers with a cPanel control panel. Known for its flexibility and security, cPanel has also become an industry-wide standard. Today, cPanel is considered to be one of the best solutions assessable for customers that need full control over their site and their accounts. cPanel provides you with a variety of convenience wizards that help simplify setting up new pages or even a shopping cart. It also gives you control over things like email, your account, your domain, and other advanced functions.


No matter how reliable the host, you want to sure that you have great customer support. Luckily, HostMonster boasts award-winning support based in Provo, Utah. They stand behind their Support Engineers who are all fully trained, capable, and available via phone, or e-mail. The one thing we were a bit disappointed to find was their lack of online chat, which in today’s world, is truly outdated.







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