Publish website with iWeb

Publish website with iWeb

iWeb in a nutshell

iWeb is a complete software program from Apple that allows you to design beautiful websites. With a wide range of attractive templates and widgets such as photo galleries and website counters, iWeb allows you to fine-tune your website.

Since we are frequently asked how to sync an iWeb site without MobileMe with our web hosting service, this guide to publishing an iWebsite written out via FTP and explained with the necessary illustrations .

No iWeb and you want to design a beautiful website without knowledge of HTML? Try our free site builder . This is included with all our hosting plans.

Publish iWeb site in 3 steps

Step 1: Consult your FTP details

After ordering your hosting subscription , you will receive a welcome e-mail with the necessary information for iWeb in a few moments :

  • Server address:
    • ftp.mydomainname.ext
  • Credentials:
    • User name
    • password
  • Directory/path to your website folder:
    • Budget or iWeb hosting plan : /httpdocs
    • Business hosting subscription: /domains/mydomainname.ext/public_html

Step 2: Enter FTP information in iWeb

Open iWeb Site Configuration (1/4)

After iWeb opens, click the top left of your website’s root directory to access the site publishing settings.

Publication setting (2/4)

Choose FTP server in the “Publish to” setting.

FTP server settings (3/4)

Enter the FTP details from your welcome email (step 1) and check the connection with the “Test connection” button.

Website URL (4/4)

Enter the full url to your website under “URL Website”: http://www.mydomainname.ext/. iWeb needs this url to properly link the pages of your website.

Integrate iWeb with Facebook (optional)

If desired, you can have your website updates appear on your Facebook page. To do this, check the box next to “Update my Facebook profile when I publish this site”. iWeb will ask you to provide your Facebook details.

Step 3: Publish iWeb site

Click “Publish site” at the bottom to publish your website online. Do you wish to adjust your website? Press “Publish site” again and the changes will be applied automatically.

How do I make my website private?

MobileMe allowed a setting to mark the published site as private. This is also possible with our web hosting service.

Step 1: Open your control panel

Log in to the control panel to manage your hosting subscription. You will find your username and password in your welcome email.









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