What is Dns


DNS is the abbreviation for Domain Name System. It is the summary name for the system and network protocol whose purpose is to translate domain names into an IP address and vice versa. Every time a website such as Neterion.com is surfed, this is translated into the IP address of the server where the website is hosted.

How does DNS actually work?

The entire Internet is a vast network of cables and satellite connections between computers. In between this whole tangle of connections, there are a number of servers at specific locations that are managed by the internet providers. These include DNS servers. Every time a new connection is made to the internet (for example when starting up a computer), communication will take place from that computer with a DNS server. The purpose of this communication is to provide a unique IP address to the computer. This is also the case with servers that host websites, with the big difference that these servers also report which websites they all contain.

The DNS server can then establish a link between an IP address and a domain name of a website. Thanks to the power of the internet, all other central DNS servers around the world will be notified of this new data. Every time a website is then surfed, a communication takes place with a DNS server, which then provides an IP address. This IP address is the exact address where the server is located on the internet on which the website that was requested is located. Thus, the computer can open the correct website based on a number where a simple name such as “hostingdiensten.net” was typed into the browser.

What is the raison d’être of Domain Name System?

The raison d’être of DNS is to provide an extra abstraction and to increase the ease of use. Every server and computer on the internet has a unique IP address which is a specially designed combination of several numbers. However, this IP address can change. At the time of reading, your computer has a unique IP address. However, it is perfectly possible that this computer will have a completely different IP address tomorrow. This can also happen with servers. However, by working with DNS, a visitor to a website does not even need to know that the IP address has changed. A specific web address is given, such as Hostingdiensten.net , with which visitors can be sure that they will always get the right website when surfing in their browser.







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