Safety Measures for Real Estate wordpress Theme

Security plugins Creaig and managing a real estate website using the WordPress platform is the easiest thing to do. This software requires step-by-step installation process just like any other on the Internet. WordPress installation has to be protected from the hackers. Installation process involves simple and complex thinking. Issues regarding safe website hosting and password choice are simple. Complex installation issues include details such as plugins. div class=”ad-hm-slot”>

The following 7 safety steps will guide you with your real estate WordPress theme:

1. Select a reliable and fast web hosting

Hosting your WordPress site is a serious thing and it depends upon where you choose to do it. You have to be concerned about the backups as it makes data retrieval easy. Also make sure you are cautious about server security issues. Your host must provide you with php 5. It should run in suEXEC mode. This allows you to secure your files better. Find more technical information about it in Wikipedia.

The other reason why your host must have a dependable backing system is the possibility of hackers. A good host should provide free service if your blog is hacked. Some of the hosts will offer you backing at minimum seven days or monthly. Others can provide nightly backups or per hour backups.

In particular, I go for incremental hourly backups, weekly, nightly and monthly backups. If my site’s information is hacked, I can still depend upon the backup to know how it looked like three to four hours ago. I can hardly loose any of my site’s content or related files.

2. Make use of a fantastico to do installation or to alter your username

Installing your site with FTP and cPanel comes with a default username called admin. It is very easy to remember or guess. Using Fantastico provides you with a chance to select both an exceptional username and a password. Furthermore it is direct than installing FTP and cPanel. Whatever the case do not use admin for the username and for your password.

3. Make use of a secure username and password

Nowadays the Internet is full of untrustworthy people and hackers. They are constantly trying to access information from our emails and other Internet banking accounts. Do you have any idea about how to stop them from accessing your accounts? The easiest method is to use very secure password. These cannot be speculated or accessed by software tools used by hackers.

The following tips will help you create secure passwords:

4. Keep the wordpress news at your fingertips

You could subscribe to the news updates at the WordPress website. This will enable you to learn when the developers have released any update. You could get access to security issues.

5. Make sure to install current version of wordpress

Keeping your WordPress current makes it extra secure. The new editions of the script are very easy to setup. In a few minutes you can update it. This part is located under Tools and then Upgrade. Search for the options on the menu at he left of the admin pages.

6. Make sure to install security plugins

I run the following two security plugins on my WordPress sites. I therefore recommend installation of: security plugins.

7. Your plugins must be updated with their current version

You must always update your plugins and the version on your site. It is not difficult to know when an update is available. When you login in your admin area, search for a number in a light reddish orange circle. It is located next to Plugins link on the left section. You should click on Plugins to show you if an update is available. Carefully follow all the steps to upgrade your plugins automatically as required. Make sure your site has a back up before upgrading.







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