WattUp: A Wireless Charger that Operates at a Distance of 4 Meters

For a long time, engineers have been working on creating a special type of charger with which people can get rid of extra wires while charging their gadgets, and also not be “tied” to sockets. A modern person uses various gadgets and electronic devices every day, so in any case, you have to constantly recharge them in order to use them, stay in touch, listen to your favorite music and keep abreast of the latest news. WattUp is the latest development from the startup Energous, with which the recharging of devices takes place over the air. In this case, all gadgets must be within a radius of four meters from this device.

Watt Up is an Energous creation

Energous is a California based company. Employees of this organization have been working on the creation of such a device for a long time. The work began back in 2014, and even received approval from the US Federal Communications Commission. This turn of events will make it possible to release the device for sale throughout North America.

What Watt Up allows you to do

This is a unique device that every user will definitely like, because it has the very features that one could only dream of:

  1. No wires while charging.
  2. You do not need to leave your gadget on a special platform (if we talk about modern smartphone models).
  3. It is enough to leave the device on any surface, so that it is within the range of WattUp, so that the battery charges itself.

How Wattup Works

It’s very simple – WattUp is able to convert electricity into radio waves, but not every device is able to perceive the charge from WattUp. In the future, manufacturers claim that a special receiver will be installed in each device that will “catch” the charge from a new charge. In addition, support for Wireless Charging 2.0 is also required. The most effective distance for the full operation of the new charger is 1 meter, although it is believed that the maximum range is 4.5 meters. This is not the last figure, as developers will continue to improve their development, while expanding the range.

Consumers will already be able to see the release of the novelty in 2018 on January 9, which will be announced at one of the CES 2018 electronics exhibitions.






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