Where to find affordable web hosting?

Question by Mike: affordable web hosting where to find affordable web hosting?
Hey guys. I’ve been looking for some affordable web hosting. Doesn’t have to be cheap. Just affordable. I see these affordable web hosting offers online sometimes, but don’t really like what I see. Where can I get some decent affordable web hosting? From what I understand dependable and affordable web hosting is hard to find, but help me out. :)
I just need an affordable web hosting solutions…. make it easy for me please guys to find my affordable web hosting solutions. I am new to this, so any affordable solution to my need will be great. thanks.

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Answer by Sanya
Affordable web hosting solutions are hard to come across these days. Especially with so much competition and such… Whether you were looking for a reseller or shared account, I know a site that can get you hooked up with an affordable hosting solution. I have personally been with hostfever.com for 4 months, and loved them since I switched from my old provider. I also found a great coupon code that gets you 20% off your first month of hosting to make this hosting even more affordable than it is, the coupon code is “20OFF09″ of course without the quotes. I am one of the many satisfied clients of hostfever.com, and will continue to remain satisifed. Ordering process is very easy. I have the .79 a month plan. So yes, I believe HostFever.com is your best bet for an affordable hosting solution. 

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